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Webpages on RHvG and Judge Dee
The conflagration of the temple in Jiangling
Missing woodcuts in the german edition of "The Chinese Lake Murders"

Judge Dee -

Pictures missing in the German edition of
"The Chinese Lake Murders"

Here you find the pictures that are missing in the German edition. The title of the German edition is "Der See von Han-yuan" which translates into "The Lake of Han-yuan". If you point at a thumbnail, you will get the page number of the english edition. If you click on a thumbnail you will get a bigger picture, which is about 25-35 KB. You will also find more useful information concerning the pictures.


Page 21 Page 36-37 see last row for a full view! Page 65 Page 71
A Meeting on the
Shore of a Lake
The Dance of
the Cloud Fairy
The Chess Problem Liu Fei-Po
Accuses Dr. Djang
Page 81 Page 101 Page 129 Page 145
Dr. Djang Shows the
Judge and Hoong
his Son's Study
Liang Fen
Welcomes Judge Dee
A Conversation in a
Buddhist Chapel
A Village Headman
Reports to the Judge
Page 195 Page 213 Page 243 Page 249
Two Braves Taunt
the Constables of
A Girl Maltreated
in a Brothel
A Dangerous Criminal
is Arrested
Judge Dee Goes Fishing
with his Lieutenants
Page 36-37 Last Two Pages
The Dance of
the Cloud Fairy
The Flower Boat
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